People that I work with know me as a creative person, hard worker and goal-oriented. 
For example, an updated version of a product was nearing the launch, but for reasons outside of our control, we were at least 3 months behind the other competitors with this release. I was able to come up with a creative plan that had used only the available resources, and we were able to generate so much awareness around the product that the clients were not bothered anymore by the delay.
This helped our sales team close more deals with the clients and push our product in front of the market.

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The modern marketer has lots of different channels to attract, engage and close people into customers. This is the core principle that guides my designs and my work. I strongly believe that developing different visuals for multiple touch points will improve the product experience.

My 3 Rules of Interaction
These are the guiding principles that are drive all my design process.
1.  All the designs should serve to a well defined target
Because not all designs are equal, nor they are understood or appealing to everyone, you should analyse your target audience and find out what they need and what they want from you.
2. All the designs should generate a result
"Design is not just how it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works ..." - Steve Jobs
3. Less is more
I truly believe in how Mies van der Rohe described a good design process. A good design should be easy for the team members to follow, for the client to use and for the audience to understand.
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